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Tongue Scraper/ Cleaner - Everyday Wellness Tool

Tongue Scraper/ Cleaner - Everyday Wellness Tool

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Tongue cleaning is an ancient Ayurvedic ritual (originated in India) for maintaining oral hygiene and overall well-being. Why do we need to use a Tongue Scraper/Cleaner? The tongue is a host to various toxins, bacteria, microbes, dead cells and leftover debris from food that build up over-night and accumulate on it as a white film or a coating. If left untreated, it can contribute to bad breath, bacteria overgrowth, oral and health issues.

Benefits of Tongue Cleaning: -Removes bacteria and toxins from the tongue -Freshens breath -Improves taste -Promotes overall oral and digestive health -Slows the growth of plaque

Made of: 100 % High grade Stainless Steel Designed with non-synthetic grip handle Plastic Free Rust proof Eco-Friendly, Zero Waste – can be reused for years.

Easy care – simple rinse with water after use and let it dry

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