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Did You Say Drinks With No Hangovers?!

Do you know someone who is sober curious, alcohol-free or starting to cut back on the booze? Then the SoCu Box is the perfect gift.  It gives you a taste of some of the world of non-alcoholic beverages from BIPOC brands. It includes various non-alcoholic cocktails and garnishments for you to create a delicious booze free drink. 


  • Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel | Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel 8oz. 
  • Farm2Cocktail | Peach Lavender Shrub 8oz. 
  • InBooze | Blueberry Mule Alcohol Infusion Cocktail Kit 
  • Mocktail Club | Havana Twist Non-Alcoholic Cocktail
  • Avec | Ginger Natural Sparkling Drink 
  • BlueHenry | Dehydrated Lime Wheels 
  • InBooze | Happy Sipping Reusable Drink Pouch 
  • Kin Euphorics | Bloom 
  • Gift box, crinkle fill, box liner paper, seal, ribbon and handwritten note card
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