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Havana Twist

Havana Twist

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Take a trip to colorful and old Havana just by tasting this vibrant beverage. Premium Non-Alcoholic Cocktail with Lime, Cucumber & Mint Shrub with Cardamom Refreshing Cucumber, Mint, Lime with a touch of Cardamom and cloves. The cardamom and cloves provides the refreshing cucumber mint and lime medley with some accents and complexity.

No artificial flavors or colors. No preservatives. Only organic agave as sweetener. Contains no alcohol. ​Key ingredients include organic lime juice, organic cardamom and clove natural flavors, decaffeinated tea with and cucumber and mint natural flavors.

Tea infused with spices provides tanning and complexity. Can serve up to 2 servings. Only 40 calories per serving and 80 calories per bottle. Lightly sparkling. Added Mixologist touch as a Cocktail Mixer.

12 oz / 355 ml per bottle

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